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Looking for the Perfect Smartphone Grocery App?

Install Plan•Shop•Eat and use your iPhone as your grocery shopping list - and more!

grocery app It is here! You can now access your FREE account right from your smartphone. Save time and money while planning your meals and shopping for your groceries. Menu planning has never been easier!
As you check things off of your list, your list keeps getting shorter. You can always see how many items you have left at the bottom of your list. You can add, remove, and move items to next week's list. Grocery shopping, with my grocery app, just became a whole lot more fun! Grocery shopping app
iphone grocery shopping Take a few minutes each week to use the powerful, free menu planner at All of the items needed to prepare all of the meals you have planned are automatically added to your shopping list. You can add more items right from your phone, and delete the ones you don't need. Menu planning really can be fun!

Now your iPhone and Droid smartphone can be your cookbook. Access thousands of tasty recipes right from your phone. Save the ones that sound good so you can plan them later. Forget dragging out the cookbooks, or printing recipes from the web. Now with just a couple clicks you can view your recipes from the comfort of your own phone!


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For additional information check out this recent blog post about our brand new grocery app.